I'ma Be a Digger for Life

I remember the first time that I came across DigitalGravel, it must have been late 1999 or early 2000. At the time, I was making cut & sew shit from scratch and had been looking for an outlet exactly like it. I was instantly hooked, and started to dream about the day I would drop my own line on the site.

I immediately subscribed to the email list  and have been opening Daily Digs with a smart-ass grin on my face ever since. Truth be told, I never really copped much off DG, it was more like my Hip-Hop Wall Street Journal. One of the things that always stuck out to me was the product descriptions, and how they weren't on some corporate shit. At the time, not a lot of retailers were brave enough to be on that tip at all and it was more than refreshing.

I went to a DG sample sale a few years ago and met the founder Nima through a close friend and he instantly became a homie. Come to think of it, in all of the conversations we've had, I don't think we really even brought up business and I never told him about my hopes to be on DG. I felt comfortable enough, but it was more about the friendship than anything else. 

Soon after, Neems mentioned that he needed a hand and a fresh injection of energy into the company and I jumped at the chance to get involved. It started as a "30-Day trial period"...I mean obviously, you don't just hire a guy named Griz off the streets without some short term clause to option out, right? I see you.

Thirty days turned into six months which then turned into about two years of working at my dream job. Long story short, I successfully grew a few clothing lines and was able to finally cross some shit off my bucket list. When the lease was about to be up at the old Digital Gravel Headquarters, we came up with a plan to get me into my own space where I could start my own business and do all of the daily operations for DG closer to home. It was a pain in the ass, but I am fucking blessed and glad that it happened. 

As many of you now know, Digital Gravel has moved into its bold new Non-Profit direction...but somebody's still gotta have all the limited edition heat that you can cop on one site, right!? Yuuuuuuup! And it gets better: Hutch_LA will be opening the doors to our very own Storefront & Creative Space in Los Angeles at the end of this month. I have so many surprises to share this year, so I'm not gonna say much and keep it that way. I will say that I've raided the DG Vaults and done some digging myself! We have TONS of amazing products to share with you including exclusive collaborations and events with some of my favorite artists, chefs, brands and closest friends. 


Grizzly Atoms

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May 07, 2013

I know u rep LA but don’t forget bout us east coast heads. We like hot hip hop gear too. ESP with NY on it LOL


January 29, 2013

Yo real sick story bro and big ups to you and your success. Been following DG for quite sometime now and even noticed when that HutchLA option popped up. I’m local in the LA area so I can’t wait for your opening. No doubt I’ll be sure to stop by, support, and cop something. Congrats Grizz!


January 09, 2013

SO PROUD of you Griz. You have filled orders for me for a LONG time. Much respect to you.



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