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"So as you may have noticed, we've been talking a lot about The Hutch recently, with a lot of the goods on DG now being sold to you directly through them via their new site HUTCHLA.COM. A lot of you have been asking who these guys are and how we work together and basically what the deal be, so we decided to break it down for you right quick with this brief history how The Hutch LA came to be.

OK, so let's rewind a bit. Any of you that has shopped from us in the past two years has probably heard the name 'Griz' or as we affectionately/derogatorily call him 'Grizzly'. Griz is the dude that has been packing and shipping all of your DG orders for the past two years. He's also the guy that has been answering all of your emails and solving your DG problems (or at least trying his best). He's probably also cracked you up on the phone or developed some running joke with you if you've ever called in to DG. Anyone that has dealt with him, knows that this guy puts his all into this.

How did Griz even end up at DG? Well, I had met him around '08 through some other friends and he'd been a veteran head in the game already and a lifelong supporter of DG. He was all about it, and knew our whole history. Around '08, things were going really tough for DG as a business, and I had been contemplating closing the business altogether. I remember mentioning that to Griz and he just wasn't having it. It was like he just couldn't accept that I could shut DG down. He told me it was like his daily newspaper, that it was a cultural institution, that there was no way we could close down. 

A while later, after we had shrunk DG down to a more manageable operation in an attempt to survive in the hardened economy, Griz started showing up to the DG office and just helping me out on a daily basis. He had so much energy and love for the DG thing, that he just started going full force; making sure customers were taken care of, orders were being shipped, tees were getting printed, jokes were being told, and business was coming back to life. After two years of overseeing the daily operations for DG, things were back in the old groove and DG was back to semi-smooth sailing with a boost of new blood.

Last Spring, I encouraged Griz to start his own little operation so that instead of just helping out with DG, he could be running his own thing and owning his own little piece of paradise. That's when he started The Hutch (although it was still unnamed for a while). It was pretty much a dope space in LA from where he handled all the shipping and customer service for DG. All the orders you guys have placed in the past few months have been packed and shipped by Griz and shipped form The Hutch. 

So this year, since I've decided to take DG down the path of operating as a non-profit and focusing on promoting the businesses of independent artists, brands and designers, one of the spots where we'll be sending you guys to cop the goodness will be HUTCHLA.COM. Griz has set up his own online store to carry a very small group of the homies' brands and featuring some amazing exclusive goods. Since this is the same dude that's been taking care of you guys all this time, you have my word that you'll get the same amount of love from The Hutch as you've become used to getting at DG! Not only that, but Griz will have access to the DG Vault, so you'll be able to get some classic tees from the site too. 

I sincerely ask you to check the site out and spread the word and if you see something you like, give them a little support to get started. It's rare to have good people in this industry who really care about the core of why we all are into this shit to begin with, and Griz is one of those people. My bet is that The Hutch will grow to be a source of consistent dopeness and that it'll will be a very positive addition to the community.

So that's the story! Please show Griz a little cyber loving (not that kind, you perv... ok well maybe that kind too.)"

Big shout out to DG, thank you all for the support y'all. 

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Brian S.
Brian S.

March 13, 2013

I am extremely touched by this post and I have to say DG has always been a website is close to home for me. Not only have I been checking out DG since 2010 but DG is actually one of the first online sites that took a chance on my old clothing company “True Theory”. Unfortunately True Theory did not workout and I had to close shop, I am forever grateful for DG giving our brand a shot. I am glad to see DG is still up and running in some way or another. I have started another Skate brand called Blackgold with my little brother in efforts to keep him focused and out of trouble. I love this story and I love the dedication. I will forever support DG and I will now support The Hutch. We hope to have Blackgold on The Hutch one of these days as one of our first online boutiques.

Much Love!
Brian Spangle

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