I say all of this with the heaviest of hearts...it is time for me to move on from the Hutch Project & begin a new chapter in my life...To be honest, I have no idea what it is I am going to do next and it is equally terrifying as it is exciting.
I had some of the best times of my life during this journey and will never forget any of it, or any of you. For the most part, I've been a one-man-army (especially the last few years) and it has been extremely hard for me to focus on my health and find balance doing everything for the site/shop.
I have never really talked much about the state of my health, but I almost lost  my leg a number of years ago and spent almost 4 years going to the hospital 3-4 times a week. I've gone through a lot over the last couple of years especially and have been late to ship orders or respond to emails at times and that type of shit kills me. I truly wanted to give you all the best experience I could and the way my health has been lately, I decided that I do not want to be in the position to let anyone down or keep anyone waiting incase I was to fall off...and I mean that in the most positive of ways, and am not trying to make anyone feel bad or dare give up on myself...just want to be transparent and honest where my heart is and where my intentions are at.
Thank you so much for all of the years of support. Seriously. Thank you for the years of buying Benny dog food and helping me keep the lights on and pay my medical bills...truly appreciative of each and every one of you! I will keep my email & instagram on after the shop closes in case any of you wan't to keep in touch or ever need anything at all.
If you want to place a final Hutch order, please do so with confidence!!!
Everyone will be always be taken care of no matter what! The bigger the order is, the more free merchandise I will be cramming into your packages and boxes! Trust, I have a loooooot of stuff that I need to get rid of (a lot that isn't even up on the site) and you will come-up & be helping me find a new home for it at the same time! 
Orders should be shipped within a week or less of placing them (at most up to 12 Business days) so stock up on these soon to become relics and support your boy on his new journey at the same time!  
Alright y'all, thank you so much for reading this and feel free to keep in touch with my personal email G@HutchLA.com.
Love Y'all! 
-Griz & Benny