'Space Invaders' Over-Calf (Dress Socks)

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This is it. This is the moment you trained so hard for. Luckily for the human race you happen to have spent years in the arcades honing your skills. Ignoring the blisters, and pleas from your parents, you knew it wasn't just a hobby. You squint up at the sky, grit your teeth, and put on your shades...Game on!
These officially licensed grey cot­ton ar­gyle dress socks feature a super dope Space In­vader retro gam­ing pat­tern on them…Composed of black, white and greys, these classy alien forces rain down towards your feet in a shower of pixilated terror. Splash
Size and Fit
Cut over-the-calf, with a nice wide cuff to avoid slippage. One size fits most, and will comfortably accommodate US men's shoe sizes 8-12, women's 10-14.
"Space Invaders" socks are constructed from a mix of 57% premium cotton and 43% nylon. Handlinked toes complete the package, so there won't be any uncomfortable nubs of fabric to rub against!
These are crafted to the highest quality, and are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

Type: Socks


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